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I must admit the art work is beautiful and very original. The story line took me a bit to figure out but after a few watches it made sense (still trying to figure out what the apple symbolizes) To me, this seemed like an..introduction to a new beautiful creation, like this was only a taste of what's to come, I'm probably wrong but I was just saying. Anyway, great art and good music.

A cute story

To me, the series ment something like gay people being together or probably more as two different races being together, that's just what I think. Either way. it was a really cute series and wish their was more things like this.
I especially love the supportive brother (I think the fuzzy bunny is her brother)

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Simple, I found the good ending right away (if their is a bad ending) I didn't really enjoy it for their was not enoigh horror, but like I said before, I only went into two rooms and then the game ended:/ I say you should keep working on this, having multiple endings is good but don't make it so easy:D

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The best of this series

Not only did you make it more challenging nut you also included amazing music on this track. I would love to know where you found "San7a-16 tons" what an amazing song, really fits the the game I think. Anyway, over all I think this was an amazing series, and I must say I love all the work you do and I hope you become a succesful game designer...or whatever you wanna become. So, enough butt-kissing, thanks for the awesome game.

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Good game

I like the over all game, and I'm sure once I play this on my phone or iPad that it will be twice as thrilling. But on my computer the contorls are a bit wonky. From other reviews and can see other people are having the same problem. This can be a simple and addicting game, but it needs those bugs worked out first.

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This game is addicting, whenever I'm bord I go and play it:D The one thing I wish was different was sometimes it freezes when I'm changing colors and then I fail. But it's still a fun game.

FuzzyMint responds:

Thanks; For the freezing, you may have an old version of flash or bad internet connection - I would try updating or using a different computer.

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