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Entry #1

Making evil or just being a waste of time? Both! :D

2010-11-15 21:33:21 by 666sweetheart

I have just joined Newgrounds just to see how to work the website, I plan to offer audio, art, and even a possible flash story. It won't be possible till next month but I promise pure awesomeness is coming, awesomeness that will hit your heart (or black hole) and also your mind (or that mushy thing in your head). The first project I will be starting is art work of the animated version of my friend's band, Kids With Masks, lordy are you going to get annoyed with hearing those three words. The clue is in the title, though most of them are in their 20's they still went down as kids, and they will ve wearing masks till the album comes to America (possibly next year).
When I say animated version, I mean they aren't always going to be appearing animated, we don't want to be like my fave band Gorillaz, just want to have a cheaper set instead of my school's football field like our previous videos. Oh now I talked too much:p Well bye then*Waves and runs*


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